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Download Clown Fear (2020) Hindi (Unofficial Dubbed by 1XBET) [Dual Audio] Web-DL 480p & 720p HD [Voice Over]  [Horror Film] ,
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Clown Fear (2020 Movie)

Language: Hindi [Fan Dubbed Voice Over] + English
Quality: 720p [HD]
Genres: Horror

IMDb Rating: 3.5/10
Director: Minh Collins
Stars: Elissa Dowling, Randy Wayne, Sadie Katz
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Clown Fear (2020) Circus AKA.Road Movie : Full StoryLine –

Clown Fear (Movie) in Hindi Dual Audio 720p 480p HDRip (In Hindi ) :  A runaway bride and her bridesmaids are stranded in a city run by clowns. Everything seemed normal at first but this clown cult has their own set of rules. It’s a carnival ride as our girls tries to stay alive to escape Clown City.


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Clown Fear 2020 Film Review:

‘its a movie about mean clowns(again), thats ok , but the bad thing is that these kind of films had its heydays back within the feral and utterly raw early 1980’s, thats 40 years ago, and its needless to say a rotten tomatoe by all means and in the least levels of acting and production. for those meany beanies loving gory clowns during a socalled horror setup , you are doing get some satisfaction, for the remainder folks , ill just say stand back from this clown town og doomed deadly mockup of a clown feast.

the intro says its a runaway bride, but its a setup bride that got the nay from the groom, because she had a 1 night fling with a stipper, so off they are going ,driving a car that doesnt move in the least , till out of nowhere they enter clown town and straddles the clown town inn for a bridal suite, to sleep away the glomy thoughts. but its an erie place, then its game on…. this was just a teaser, because the re many stripteasin during this flick

the acting are truly bad, the most seems like shes had a true bachelorette partythe previous night, her voice seems like a cow with a hangover and an important mastitis, her bridemaids shortly behind. the clowns are indescribable dumbheads, the makeup crew couldve made some effort making them appear as if clowns. the extras on the set looks like theyve been caught with a net, and looks like theyve gotr a death sentence behind their ear, its so stiff and uninspired, just terrible. filmographicly its a multitude , the lightsetting awful, the soundworkfraudulent, structure may be a mockup, its badly edited, and therefore the oneman on a keyboard score seems like a humongous hippopotamus on a love spree.

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